Terms of Use

Texturepilot, in the following referred to as the company, provides photos and pictures, hereafter termed as content, available via their website www.texturepilot.com, for appropriation in computer graphics. The mandatory requirement allowing any usage of the content is the acceptance of the following license agreement. Logging into the website or making use of the content without acceptance of this licence agreement is not permitted. The company reserves the right to change and amend this license agreement at any time and will notify the users immediately.

We are always open to consider, subsribe additional agreements!



Formation of the License Agreement:

By clicking the button “register” after providing the required information, the user makes a binding proposal to the company. The company will then send the user an email confirming their registration which consequently accepts their offer. The License Agreement is then formed. Mandatory requirement is a valid email address.

Parties of the contract:

The License Agreement is formed between  Karolin Albers, Kiefholzstrasse 14, D-12435 Berlin

Vat ID: 36/203/00633

Contract data and privacy:

Personal data provided to us through the online registration form will be stored by the company. If so required, a printed version of the received data is accessible at all times by clicking the “register” button on the website. Subsequently you will receive an email providing all submitted information and personal data stored by the company. All content of the website  "http://www.texturepilot.com" is protected by copyrights, registered trademarks and other intellectual property legislation. The use of the content is subject to the following restrictions.Company offers four different packages varying in price and data volume.


This service enables the user to download up to 25 MB pictures daily from the website and is free of charge.


The user is permitted to download up to 200 MB of visual data daily from the website. This package has an annual fee of 69,- €, payment in advance possible.


The user is permitted to download up to 400 MB of visual data daily from the website. This package has an annual fee of 149,- €, payment in advance possible.


The user is permitted to download up to 1000 MB of visual data daily from the website. This package has an annual fee of 199,- €, payment in advance possible.


The user is permitted to download up to 1000 MB of visual data daily from the website. This package has an annual fee of 179,- €, payment in advance possible.It is not permitted, under any circumstances, to download more than the aforementioned amount.


The user is permitted to download an unlimited amount of visual data daily from the website. This package has an annual fee of 999,- €, payment in advance possible.

Terms of Use:

The user is free to use all content at his own discretion, subject to the following restrictions. Texturepilot does not warrant any exclusivity pertaining to the pictures appropriated by the user in any given package. All website content, including that which has been downloaded by the user, is furthermore readily available to other users. The content must be modified in accordance to this License Agreement before it becomes free for use. This License Agreement grants the right of use only and is subject to the regulations established in this agreement.  All content is protected by copyright. Neither ownership nor any rights other than the right of use are transferred by this agreement.

The content may be used for the following purposes :
  • Private or commercial use
  • Use in 2D or 3D computer graphics or visual effects
  • Incorporation in computer games, 3D models

Not permitted is:

  1. the selling or distribution of the content, including single photos prior to modification and unmodified content. The content is intended as the basis for future visual representation and under no circumstances be used as an image in its own right.
  2. to assemble the content via software creating graphic imagery that is merely composed of independent units of visual content provided by Texturepilot,
  3. to use specialized programs (spider, leecher) or automating scripts to download all the content on the website. Users who attempting mass downloads will be banned from the website automatically.
  4. to interfere with the security or otherwise abuse, disrupt, place excessive loads on, or attempt unauthorized access to the website or any system resources or networks connected to this website.
  5. to distribute the content or derivatives thereof under open source licenses.
  6. to create multiple accounts for one user.




Some of the photos contain graphic elements e.g. wall paper patterns, logos, names or signs. The usage of such photos is at the users discretion. Company explicitly advises users, that some of the photos were taken in public and third party rights, such as copyrights or personal rights referring to e.g. wall paper patterns, signs or the object itself may apply and interfere with the intended usage of the photo. The company cannot warrant the pictures being free of third party rights. The user is advised to investigate third rights prior to using the photos. Please contact the company for further enquiries. The user will indemnify the company from all claims of third parties in connection with the appropriation of the user. The use of the website and its content is at the risk of the user. The company does not warrant the safety of the content on the website. The company cannot be held liable for the exposure to viruses or similar contamination such as destructive web content. Furthermore, the company cannot be held liable for damages caused to the user's own visual property as a result of this exposure. These exclusions are not be applied in the case of the company acting with intentional destructive nature or gross negligence as well as in the case of any bodily damage or life imperiling consequences.

Duration and termination of the contract:

Basic package: indefinite time. The package can be cancelled/membership terminated by both parties at any time.Comfort and luxury package: the License Agreement has a duration of one year. It will not be automatically renewed. No cancellation is possible within this time except a termination of cause. The company may terminate the Agreement when the user breaches the regulations stipulated in the Terms of Use points 1 through 8. In case of termination of cause by the company, the user cannot claim a refund on a pro rata basis.


Click here to see details: http://www.texturepilot.com/page/privacyPolicy

Other provisions:

This Agreement will be construed under- and will be enforced by the laws of Germany.If applicable, the user agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue in the competent courts of the district of Berlin. In the case of a clause or provision expressed by this License Agreement being invalid or unenforceable, it shall be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision relating most closely to the initial intention it is replacing.

Refund policy:


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 7 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order.